Design. Engineer. Machine.
Founded in May 1993 by best friends of more than 40 years, we have engineered plenty of solutions for the computer, watchmaking, aerospace and manufacturing industries.

What are we doing now?

We are a small machine shop that is producing its own products, utilizing our 2nd and 3rd generation machinists and engineering skills.

About the Viper Logic Team Members
  • Lance Conway
    Micromachining, 2012 to Current
    Computer Software Solutions, 1993 to 2011
    Aerospace Machining, 1973 to 1992
  • Patrick Lara
    Watchmaking and Micromachining, 1981 to Current
    Computer Software and Hardware Development 1981 to 2011
  • Herbert Conway
    Aerospace Machining, 1956 to Current
Viper Logic
Phone: 760.320.1414
Toll Free: 855.750.1414

All our products are machined in America.
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